7 Biggest Sporting Events in the World

FIFA World Cup

Since time immemorial, sporting events are a part and parcel of the human existence. In the ancient Roman times, gladiators would face at each other in arenas, entertaining both nobles and thousands of citizens. The athletics plant is stocked with dozens of unique cultural flavors, from elegant cricket matches to dangerous bull fights and muddy horse races. Here are the X biggest events in sports.

1.FIFA World Cup

Every four years – for about a month – the whole world puts a pause wo whatever they are doing and settles to watch 32 qualifying soccer matches. What makes the FIFA world cup such a darling for everyone is that different countries get to battle it out for the ultimate price – the Golden cup trophy. You get such as sense of identity and competition as your nation gets to face top players from other regions. The World Cup is indeed one fire-starting, flag-thrusting competition – and the most watched sport in the world. More than 3.4 billion people tune in to the world cup.

2.The Olympics

The Olympics games happen for about two weeks after every two years (alternating between summer and winter games). Here, the worlds’ top athletes get to face off on each other – as they compete to win world medals and command respect. Unlike the world cup where only 32 nations compete, the Olympics brings together athletes from more than 70 nations – which means global interest in this event might be even higher. The Summer Olympics attracts over 2 billion viewers across the globe.

3.The 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)

This event has been held in France since 1923. Both modern and old-school vehicles try to outrun each other (and against time and stability) in the French countryside. This is perhaps the most demanding auto race anywhere in the world, where endurance and efficiency are tested to their extremes. Le Mans was designed to provide a different test than the Grand Prix motor racing – which is the dominant motorsport in Europe. Rather than test a car’s manufacturer ability to build fast vehicles, this incredible sporting events tests a manufacturer’s ability to make sporty and yet reliable vehicles. In the 2018 Le Mans race, Toyota won for the first time ever.

4.The Super Bowl (USA)

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the US. This is also one of the most viewed annual global sporting events. Each year between the end of January and the beginning of February, two of the best football teams get to face each other in a game that is watched by over a hundred million viewers. The real action starts about two weeks into the Super Bowl, with player interviews, team analysis, and side stories that often drive viewer interest into the game. And during breaks, the often hilarious ads will keep you smiling.

5.The Grand National (England)

The Grand National is no doubt the most exciting (and most awaited) horse racing event in the globe. It is also one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world. Horse racing buffs travel from all parts of Europe to witness the thrill and excitement that this event comes with. One of the things that makes the Grand National so popular is the high stakes that are attached to it. The way this event is structured makes it highly dramatic. Super strong horses will jump 30 fences at incredible speed. As you might expect, few complete the course unscathed.

6. UEFA Champions League

Also known as the European Cup, the UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition that has been around since 1955. Here, the best of the best football clubs in Europe get to face each other in one of the most prestigious global tournaments. This is essentially the super bowl of soccer, only that it features the two strongest team in the whole continent – not just one country.

7. Wimbledon Tennis

One of the greatest sporting events in the world, this tennis tournament has been held at Wimbledon, London since 1877. It is one of four grand tennis tournaments – the other three include the French Open, the Australian Open, and the US Open. The Wimbledon tennis tournament is the only Major that is still played on the original surface – grass. Some of the traditions here include a strict dress code, eating of strawberries, ice cream, and enjoying sparkling wine. This rich history and tradition is perhaps one of the many things that make this sporting event so popular.

Other major sporting events in the world include the Tour de France cycling competition, the Rugby World Cup, Formula One Racing, and the National Basketball Association. Whatever your sporting preferences, there’s always a major game coming somewhere around the corner.

Most watched sport in the world – 2400

most watched annual sporting event in the world – 170

biggests sporting events in the US – 70