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Watching sports is fun, but not nearly as much as actually playing one. If you’re looking to get out there and burn calories, the options are endless. The best fun sports to engage in for an active lifestyle will depend on where you live, and how the weather is there. People who live in cold regions may naturally feel inclined to winter fun sports games such as skiing. Whether you’re into swimming, tennis, or even street hockey, this is our list of the top sixteen fun sports to try in 2019.

1. Cycling

If you do not own a bike, there is no need to worry because there are people who have invested in renting bikes to the interested culprits. Through cycling, an individual has a chance to reduce their stress levels, improve posture, strengthen their bones and also decrease body fats. Cycling is healthy and could protect you from dealing with serious conditions in the future such as stroke, heart attack, and depression.

2. Playing Tennis

A lot of people have never known that playing tennis could but, yes it would be the ideal way of having a fun game to keep yourself busy and still stay fit. The sport is known to be a great aerobic activity considering that one is moving their arms and legs, and there is also resting time in between the matches. Lawn tennis to be precise helps in improving your mental, social and also emotional changes, and could make an individual a great problem solver in the future.

3. Rugby

Maybe this is the last thing that one might think about but, it is an incredible way to make sure that you are ready to engage yourself in this sport. It is a great way to ensure that one reduces their frustrations. Rucking and running around with the ball requires some roughness, which could be a way of letting go of your stress because the field makes one release some of their worries. Again, the sport helps in forming some union which one will never regret. The people you play with regularly end up being your great friends.

4. Cricket

Cricket is not only played for competition basis but, one could do it for fun if you are looking for a way of ensuring your life is active always. It is a good sport for a person who wants to develop overall health fitness and also your eye-condition. As long as a person is continually playing cricket, it helps in increasing the physical fitness, endurance and assist with the balance and coordination. When one is working with a team, you learn ways of working with a group, get social skills and know how to interact with social interactions.

5. Running

The one thing that could keep you active and ensure that an individual lives a long and healthy life would be by running daily. A person can choose to do it in the morning or evening, depending on what seems to work for your schedule. Running is a great way to reduce stress, improve your health problems and alleviate any symptoms of stress and depression. Even a 30-minute run could be a great way of lifting your mood and keeping an individual happy always. Someone who could be experiencing knee pain could improve its health by running regularly. Research shows that people who run consistently rarely suffer from knee pain or any other related issues.

6.Table Tennis

A lot of people never think of table tennis as a sport you would actively commit to, as a way of being busy. Since the speed and placement of the ball are crucial things in table tennis, it could be an ideal game that helps people develop mental sharpness. The fast pace through which the game is played helps to improve reflexes. It is also a great way of improving mental alertness and concentration, and the best part is that the game is easy on your muscles, making it easy to play without getting tired that easy. If you are the type that wants to ensure you will not have to deal with mental problems in the future, table tennis could be an incredible way of keeping your brain sharp always.


Playing golf could be good for your health, and most importantly your heart; therefore, one should start looking for clubs within your area where one can enroll. The game is mainly popular worldwide because of it an outdoor activity that an individual will feel incredible being part of this great sport. It is an excellent way of making sure that a person loses weight and to ensure that your body fat is on the right track. Besides your health, golfing could also be a way of staying connected with your friends, reducing stress, and provides people with a chance of meeting and connecting with new people.

8. Football

When a person is playing football, it could be a great way of ensuring that an individual experiences incredible health benefits. The sport is an incredible way of improving your heart and blood pressure levels. Through the sport, a person has a chance of improving your concentration and building your body’s stamina. Since you will be playing with a team, it also becomes easy to boost your confidence and know how to work as a team. If a person has been inactive for quite some time and has been looking for a way of improving your bone strength, and increasing muscle mass to the level that one would want.

9. Rounders

Many people, the mention of rounders reminds people of the summer sports and all those games that people used to play in school. The amazing thing about this game is the fact that the game is quite adaptable and can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game is flexible and is meant to bring people together but, it also has some incredible advantages for someone who wants to improve their overall health. The sport is ideal for people of all ages and abilities, and the best part is that people have a chance to gain transferable skills, communication and assist with decision making. It is an excellent way of toning your muscles, and because the sport involves a lot of starts and stop running, and a couple of sprints too, which is a good aerobic exercise.

10. Volleyball

It is one of the games that could help an individual to stay actively involved in keeping your life active. If one could play volleyball every day for only 45 minutes, there is a chance to improve your health and also physical strength. It is also the ideal way to burn calories, considering that 45 minutes of playing the sport helps in bringing about 585 calories, and could help in reducing your weight significantly. The sport is also a great way of strengthening your upper part of the body and keeping your cardiovascular and respiratory system on check. There is improved circulation of blood and nutrients to your body and could be a great way of improving your bones and joints.

11. Baseball

For over a century, baseball has been a sport played by both young and the old considering that it is an incredible form of exercising. If you are interested in the sport, it gives people a chance to improve their coordination, and since the sport puts your body through a lot of movements, it becomes good for your overall health. You can warm up before the game as it helps in improving the flexibility and helps with the circulation of blood and assist with muscle development.

12. Adding Softball To The Equation

Softball has been the one sport that has positively touched many people’s lives and could be a way of time management skills. It does not matter what phase of life that a person is in but, the sport could be an incredible way of managing your time. An individual also learns adversity, considering that a person will learn how to correct mistakes. It is a healthy way of living life, considering that there are a couple of physical activities; thus, keeping everyone healthy. Like any other sport, you will learn how to work with other people who can be beneficial for kids at schools and those who are working, ensuring that one can work with their teammates.

13. Surfing

If you love water, surfing would be an incredible sport that an individual should add to their daily activities. It could be house surfing, kayak surfing, and the good part is the ideal way to experience something unique.

14. Skating

It might not be the type of activity that one might have first thought about a bit; it is an incredible sport that an individual should add to their plan. It is a sport that will keep your heart pumping, and although one might not be experienced, with a few tricks, there is a lot that one could do. It is also a great thing for someone who is looking for something new. Tag a friend along mainly one who has a couple of skills because they will give you the zeal to keep moving if one is trying the sport for the first time.


It is one of the sports that can keep you healthy no matter the age, and a perfect way to build some muscle mass. There are a few things that one can do in the pool including laps, aerobics class and also talking a few swimming lessons tailored for your needs. The sport has helped people improve their balance, thus reducing the chances of falling. Look for a swimming pool that suits your needs and going to a place where you meet other swimmers could help because there will be competitors that one can participate in, thus helping improve your overall health.

16. Yoga

Many people might not consider it as a way of staying fit but, it is. That is the ideal way of increasing your flexibility and muscle strength, and as an incredible way of relaxing and improving your mental wellbeing, and a person can carry a couple of your friends. It is a perfect social activity, and you might also get some new friends. Look for yoga classes within your area, and enroll in a place where you can easily get along with the yoga instructor, because that is the only way an individual will get to experience the benefits required.

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